Dementia and failing eyesight

I believe that the nerve damage in dementias such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases affect all the nerves of the body. In my previous blog, I promised to discuss why I find it helpful to consider that all the nerves

Dementia affects all nerves

One unified system The best known of the diseases that damage nerves in the brain is Alzheimer’s disease. But,  it is not the only dementia. Among other nerve-damaging diseases are vascular and frontotemporal dementias and the dementia associated with Parkinson’s

Fighting Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease destroys the mind and then steals away life. This is a dread disease but it can be controlled and reversed. I did it and, with my help, you may be able to do the same.   The National Institute

Good News! Retaining the Mind Book Now Published


With great pleasure I announce that my book, “Retaining the Mind” is now published. The name clearly states the purpose of the book, bringing a failing mind back to life. “Retaining the Mind” is a self-help book. In it I tell