Excerpt One:

On the most basic level, we are sensitive to these chemicals because we live too long. For countless eons, our non-human and then human ancestors died early of disease or starvation—or due to attacks by predators. Because life was so short, only a few of us developed the genes that, as we grow older, detoxify the large amount of neurotoxins in our diets that are so well tolerated by the young.

Excerpt Two:

I am convinced that we who suffer nerve deterioration can repair ourselves. We can regain the ability to remember, the ability to plan, the ability to tie our own shoes. We can live independently. The earlier we start the diet, the more complete the recovery can be.

Excerpt Three:

A dear friend best expressed, in a few words, the aim of this book. When she reflected on my recovery from Alzheimer symptoms she stated: “You came back to life.” She was right. For me, losing the ability to think, talk, and feed and cloth myself would be the same as dying. If you (or someone you know) suffer these symptoms, I want to bring you back to life.